English Audio Shiurim

English Audio Shiurim

English Audio Shiurim

This Week

Parshat Vaetchanan part 2

Parshat Vaetchanan Summary part 1 (poor quality… for now)

Kitsur Shulchan Aruch Chapter 38

Rabbinic Decree about buying Bread Baked by a Non-Jew (Pat Akum)

Binyan Habayit Review Part1

Binyan Habayit Review Part2

Mishna Berachot Chapter 1 Mishna 1 & 2

Tehilim Chapters of Hallel Prt1 (113 through 115)

Discussion of Milah and How to Rebuke a Fellow Student


Parsha: Summary, Methodology, and Leining (Reading with the Traditional Tune)

Tanach Methodology and Parshat Bechukotai Methodology

Parshat Korach Summary with Divrey Torah 5766

Parshat Korach Methodology 5765

Parshat Chukat Summary Parts 1

(Part one includes a summary of the Laws of Para Aduma)

Parshat Chukat Summary Parts 2

Parshat Chukat Summary Parts 3

Parshas Chukat Summary Parts 4

Parshas Balak Summary Part1

Parshas Balak Summary Part2

Parshat Balak Methodology 5765

Parshat Pinchas Methodology 5766

Parshat Pinchas Summry 5766

Parshat Pinchas Leining

Parshat Matot-Masey Summary Part1 5766

Parshat Matot-Masey Summary Part2 5766

Parshat Matot Leining

Parshat Masei Methodology 5765

Parshat Matot Leining

Parshat Devorim Leining

Parshat Devorim Part 2 5766

Parshat Devorim Part 1 5766

Parshat Devorim Dvar Torah



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Nevi"im – Prophets

Yehoshua Intro and Chapter 1,2

Intro to Shoftim Part 4 Shoftim Chapter1

Shoftim Intro and Chapter 1

Shoftim Chapter 1 through 2

Shoftim Chapter 3

Shoftim Chapter 3 through 4

Shoftim Chapter  4 through 7

Shoftim Chapter 7 through 9

Shoftim Chapter 9 through 10

Shoftim Chapter 11 through 13

Shoftim Chapter 13 through 15

Shoftim Chapter 15 through 16

Shoftim Chapter 17 to 20

Shoftim Review Chapter 12 through the End


Shmuel Chapter 1 through 2

Shmuel A Chapter 2 through 8

Shemona Perakim (Maimonide"s introduction to Pirkey Avot)

Introduction to Hashkafa  Part 1

Introduction to Hashkafa  Part2

Shemona Perakim Chapter 1 Part 2

Shomona Perakim Ch4


Mishley Intro and Chapter 1

Mishley Chapter 2

Mishley Chapter 3 part 1

Mishley Chapter 3 part 2

Mishley Chapter 3 part 3

MIshley Chapter 12 part 1

MIshley Chapter 12 part 2

MIshley Chapter 12 part 3

Mishley Chapter 13

Mishley Chapter 14 part 2


Introduction to Halacha Part1

Introduction to Halacha Part2

Introduction to Halacha Part3

Laws of Tevilat Keilim (Immersing New Vessels in Mikvah)

Laws of Tsitsit Part

Laws of Yichud Part 1

There is a silent gap for a minute in the recording

Laws of Yichud Part 2

Laws of Pe"os Harosh (Forelocks – Corner Hairs) and Pe"as Hazakan – Shaving the Beard

Laws of Honoring One"s Parents

Hilchos Mezuzah Summarized

Review of the Laws of Tevilat Keilim, Pe"at Harosh (forelocks) and Shaving, Honoring our Parents, Yichud, Mezuzah

Tcheiles in Tsitsit

Teaching A Non-Jew Torah, How to Not Shake a Non-Jewish Woman"s Hand


Mo"ed Katan Chapter 1 Mishna 1 and 2

Mo"ed Katan Chapter 1 Mishna 3, 4, 5

Mo"ed Katan Chapter 1 Mishna 6,7,8

Ketubim (Writtings)

Ester Part 2 5766

Ester Part 3 5766

Ester Lein

Eicha (Lamentations) Leining (reading with Traditional Tune)

Tunes for leining Eicha

Eicha Leining Chapter 1

Eicha Chapter 3 Lein

Iyov Leining Chapter 1

Iyov Leining Chapter 2

Iyov Leining Chapter 3

Iyov Leining Chapter 4

Iyov Leining Chapter 5

Iyov Leining Chapter 6

Iyov Leining Chapter 7

Iyov Leining Chapter 8

Iyov Leining Chapter 9

Iyov Leining Chapter 10

Iyov Leining Chapter 11

Iyov Leining Chapter 12

Iyov Leining Chapter 13

Iyov Leining Chapter 14

Iyov Leining Chapter 15

Iyov Leining Chapter 16

Iyov Leining Chapter 17

Iyov Leining Chapter 18

Iyov Leining Chapter 19

Iyov Leining Chapter 20

Iyov Leining Chapter 21

Iyov Leining Chapter 22

Iyov Leining Chapter 23

Iyov Leining Chapter 24

Iyov Leining Chapter 25

Iyov Leining Chapter 26

Iyov Leining Chapter 27

Iyov Leining Chapter 28

Iyov Leining Chapter 29

Iyov Leining Chapter 30

Binyan Habayit – The Jewish Home

Dating Part 1

Dating Part 2 is missing

Dating part 3

Dating Part 4 is missing

Dating Part 5

Dating Part 6

Dating Part 7

Dating Part 8

Binyan Habayit Intro

Post Partum Health


Binyan Habayit 4

Binyan Habayit 5

Binyan Habayit 6

Binyan Habayit 8

Binyan Habayit 9

Binyan Habayit If one is considering divorce

Binyan Habayit 10

Binyan Habayit 11

Binyan Habit 12 Halachos of Marriage Ceremony Prt1

Binyan Habit 13 Halachos of Marriage Ceremony Prt2

Binyan Habit 14 Halachos of Marriage Ceremony Prt3 Elementary Obligations of Marriage

Binyan Habayit 15 Recognizing Who We Really Are and Maintaining Our Aspirations

BInyan Habayit 16

BInyan Habayit 17

Binyan Habahit 18Halachos of Marriage Ceremony Prt4 Engagement, Ofrof, Ketuba,

Binyan Habayit Review Part1

Frequently asked Questions in Judaism

Making the most of your time

Defining "Yehudi" (Jew) and Yisraeli (Israelite)

Judaism and Pluralism

Blessing of Shehechayanu should it be said on new milk?

Quick Summary and Basic Knowledge of Laws of Niddah

Questions & Answers: What may one do before Prayer in the Morning

Questions and Answers: The History, Practical and Halachic Aspect of Kollel, Halachic Validity, and Effect on the Family and Community

Defining a "Tzaddik" and "Beinoni" and should everyone aspire to be a Tzaddik

Modesty Regarding what we look at. May one look, see, stare, at women?

Basics in Tzniut for Men and Women

Moderation in Learning vs. not Underachieving – Should you study torah till you drop?

Should you get up at midnight for Tikun Chatsot

Different Customs and Should we all have one custom in Israel

Taking an Mp3 Player with Torah Recorded on it into the Bathroom, Shower, Dealing with Different Customs in Synagogue, Washing Netilat Yadayim

What may One Do Before the Morning Prayer (Exercise? Shower?)

Pre-Brake Pep talk

Our Responsibilities Now that Bombs are Falling in Northern Israel

Midnight Prayer and Why we Mourn the Temples Destruction and not Adam"s Sin

Baruch Shem Kevod Malchuto L"olam Va"ed in Shema and after Mistaken Blessings


Tehilim Chapter 4

Tehilim Ch8

Tehilim Leining (Reading with the Traditional Tune)

Tehilim Chapter 1

Tehilim Chapter 2

Tehilim Chapter 3

Tehilim Chapter 4

Tehilim Chapter 5

Tehilim Chapter 6

Tehilim Chapter 7

Tehilim Chapter 70

Tehilim Chapter 71

Tehilim Chapter 73

Tehilim Chapter 73 Lein

Tehilim Chapter114 Lein

Maimonides Thirteen Principles of Faith

First Principle G-d is Existant and the Eternal Cause for all Creation

Second Principle – G-d"s singularity

Third Principle – G-d isn"t limited to physical form

Fourth Pricnicple – G-d Always Was and Always will Be

Fifth Principle – Only serve and Pray to G-d, not any other entity

Sixth Principle – The G-d Gives of Prophecy

Thirteen Principles Review 1st Principle through 6th Principle