Beit Midrash – Kever Rachel

Beit Midrash Nechemat Rachel in Kever Rachel

A few minutes  from the Geula neighborhood in Yerushalayim is the kever of  Rachel Imanu, the resting place of our holy matriarch who continues to cry and mourn through the continued Jewish Exile. The  Beit Midrash was founded after the Oslo Accords by Rav Chanan Porat zt’l, with the agreement of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda, with the intention to build a Torah center there to guarantee that it would not fall out of Jewish hands. From then on  students of Mercaz Harav are found there on a daily basis learning Gemara, Halacha, and maintaining the sanctity of the kever, with the understanding that prayer and study are the real guarantee that Rachel’s tomb will remain in Jewish hands, and in order to fulfill the prophecy to Rachel: “Prevent your voice from crying and your eyes from tears … and your children will return to their borders.