The Library

The Yeshiva Library – in Memory of Rabbi Mordechai Marcus Cohen z”l


About the Library:

The unique torah library in Yeshivat Mercaz Harav has been open to the public for close to fifty years.

The library’s extensive collection consists of around 60,000 books covering the numerous topics of Jewish studies and Torah culture, including “she’elot u’teshuvot,” religious memoirs, Kabbala, Jewish History, Zionism, biographies, research thesis and more.

The library is also known for its rare and unique books, as well as their first editions.

The library also contains computer stations with ten monitors, each programmed with an advanced search catalog (& an online edition coming soon).

All of the relevant  programs and databases are installed on the network are updated regularly including : the Responsa Project,

The Torah CD, Otzar Hochma, “Beit Male Sefarim”, and the  writings of Rabbi Kook , “Tehumin”.

Also all the shuirim are recorded(over one thousand) and available from the yeshiva’s archive from the “Kol Loshon” monitor found inside the library. 

Available for public use  are copier and printer for all Torah needs. 

 The library serves all those who come from all over the country. Many textbooks and research papers were published by authors who worked on their work in the library.

The Library Attack

On the second of Adar I 5768, the terrible attack was carried out in the yeshiva library where eight yeshiva studentsfrom Mercaz Harav and Yashlatz(the high school located on the same campus) were murdered another nine were wounded.

Since the attack, every Thursday night  the library hosts a shuir given in their memories. The shuir, which is open to the public, invites a guest speaker which in the past has, included  Chief Rabbis, heads of Yeshivas and Dayanim. 

A weekly shiur is held every Sunday in the book of Orot by Rabbi David Hai HaCohen of Bat Yam.

The library is open the whole week from 5am until 2am

For details and for any matter, please contact the Director of the Library – Azriel Spengent


Phone: 0549796443